Nail polish remover is great for many things, not just your nails. Here are 10 unexpected uses that may come in handy.

#1 Keyboard

clean a keyboard

Bring your keyboard back to new condition by cleaning the keys with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. The acetone also disinfects, so it will clean away all the germs.

#2 Scuffed authentic hermes bags philippines sale shoes

Clean up your coffee/tea stained china with some cheap hermes belt cotton and rinse hermes bracelet clean. Make sure to not get nail polish remover on decorative design or it may come off.

#3 Floors

Wipe away floor scruffs on tile and laminate floors with water and polish remover and mop as usual. (Not recommended for woods floors)

#4 Permanent Marker








Remove permanent hermes bags marker marks from any surface by treating with nail polish remover.

#5 Clean Razors








Disinfect your razors and make them last longer by dunking them in remover in-between uses. Then rinse them and wipe clean with a paper towel.

#6 Remove Stickers

Remove tricky stickers from appliances and dish-wear by wiping with a cloth and some polish remover.

#7 Shoes






Shine your leather shoes and remove scuff marks by wiping with a paper towel or clothe dipped in remover.

#8 Watches

Clean your watch face and bring it back to new condition. Use a q-tip for the small area and don’t use too much if you need to watch out for water damage.

#9 Remove Glue







Dissolve super glue or adhesive  from skin without causing damage, simply use a cotton ball dipped in remover to rub off glue.

#10 Bathtub Cleaner

Eliminate that tough bathtub ring by using a water and remover solution and scrubbing with a brush.


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