1) The Fridge

Biology projects still lurking around in the back? Throw old food out and while you are at it, remove the shelves and give them a dose of soap and water.

2) The Oven

Scrub down the inside of your oven! Pizza cheese doesn’t get better with age.

3) The Stove

Give your stove some love. Cooking on it will be much more enjoyable if you don’t have to look at last week’s marinara stains.

4) The Pantry

This is another location expired and stale food may be hiding. Throw it out and make sure the items you use the most often are in reaching distance.

5) The Cabinets

Give these guys a good wipe down – both inside and out. Make sure the place you put your clean dishes and cups is clean.

6) The Shower

Invisible soap scum builds up here all year. Reset is by giving your shower a good deep clean by scrubbing down the floor and walls.

7) Medicine Cabinet

Expired medication can be dangerous. Throw away anything past the expiration date and give the shelves a good wipe down.

8) Behind the Toilet

Who knows what’s really going on behind there! Put on some rubber gloves and some cleaning solution and take care of it so it doesn’t get worse.

9) Sort Clothes for Donate and Keep Pile

There are probably clothes in your closet you haven’t worn for months, maybe years. Plan to donate them at your nearest clothes donation center so someone else can put those garments to good use.

10) Window Blinds

Give these guys a dusting. You will be amazed what shows up on the duster.

11) Dryer Vent

You may want to hire a professional to take care of this one. Cleaning out a dryer vent also reduces your risk of a fire.

12) Carpets

Carpet cleaning can reduce allergens and dust inside your home, and it also makes your carpet more enjoyable!

13) Ceiling Fans

Dusting the blades down reduces dust in the air, and ensures your carpets don’t get dirty again after you just cleaned them.

14) Under the Bed

If possible move the bed to vacuum underneath. Not sure what you may find? Better to clean it than for it to remain a mystery.

15) Floor Tiles

No need to scrub these with a toothbrush… just a good old broom and mop will do. Your bare feet will thank you.


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