Indoor allergies can be such a struggle, especially if you suffer from asthma or a similar illness. It is so vital that we keep a strict and careful cleaning regime to reduce these allergens and protect ourselves, as well as other sufferers, from these allergens as much as possible. When it comes to cleaning the house, it can be difficult to think where to start when it comes to combatting the causes of indoor allergies.

However, there are a few nifty tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when you embark on this cleaning journey. Here are four vacuuming cartier replica and cleaning tips for combatting indoor allergies.

#1 Vacuum at least twice a week

Vacuuming with Hepa Filter

Vacuuming frequently can help to pick up the allergens (like dust) and keep them out of the house. Most people advise vacuuming at least twice a week, although replica cartier ring some opt to do it every day if their allergies, or those of others, are particularly bad.

It is also advised that your vacuum has a HEPA filter to catch the particularly small allergens, as they will pass through an ordinary vacuum filter with ease. Without this filter, you could be sucking them up and then throwing them straight back into the air again, ready to be breathed in.

If you are allergic to dust cartier love bracelet mites, ask someone else to do the vacuuming so that you don’t need to worry about a reaction.

#2 Doormats

Door Mat

A huge number of allergens are collected around exterior doors, and so to help prevent this you need to double up your doormats. To prevent the outdoor allergens from becoming indoor ones, you should place a doormat outside of the exterior doors, but also inside as well.

This way, the majority of the allergens are trapped in the mat and can be vacuumed up later or shaken out. This cartier bracelet ebay
should be done at least twice a week, or more if you have multiple guests. This process can help to reduce the number of allergens in the home by up to 85%.

#3 The Bathroom


Most people forget about the bathroom and the huge potential it has to trigger allergies and asthma. If you do not ventilate your bathroom after a shower, or at least have a fan to dehumidify the room, then you are going to be susceptible to the growth of mould in your bathroom. This can be very triggering and also have awful consequences.

Always ensure your bathroom is ventilated, and wash the shower curtain in the washing machine once a week or so to keep it clean and prevent mould. Use washable bathmats and rugs, and always be sure to keep the walls of the shower washed and cleaned to prevent the gathering and growth of mould.

#4 Dusting


Perhaps the most obvious form of cleaning to remove allergens, dusting will help to get rid of those nasty dust mites so that you don’t get a reaction. However, many people forget that the best and most efficient way to remove dust it to work from the top and move down to the bottom. Always dust the highest shelves and spaces first so that you can efficiently trap the dust and remove it from your home. You’ll be able to capture escaped dust this way as well.


We have highlighted four great ways to combat indoor allergens, but we always like to hear from our readers, so if you have any great tips worth sharing, be sure to leave us a massage.

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