Well, they’re not actually magic, of course, but wouldn’t that be cool? But even if the following cleaning products and services wouldn’t impress Harry Potter, they are are definitely going to make you, a mere Muggle, pretty happy when it comes time to clean the house. If you’ve got something that can turn a chore into entertainment, go ahead and slap that Mary Poppins nametag right onto your lapel and dive in to a cleaning frenzy.


Magician Waving Wand over Glowing Top Hat


The first of our featured magical cleaning products is Melamine Foam. You might recognize it better under it’s brand name, Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers are those squishy white sponges that remove all kinds of inks and other unwanted substances from your walls, floors, and appliances in moments. Fun fact: melamine foam sponges feel soft in your hand but are actually structured like very fine sandpaper, so watch out when you scrub your painted walls in order to remove the permanent marker your toddler so thoughtfully scribbled on: it will get the ink off in a flash, but it will take the paint off, too, if you use a heavy hand.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the magical properties of one of the most common kitchen ingredients in the world: white vinegar. White vinegar cleans, deodorizes, shines, descales, unclogs, and solves relationship problems. Okay, it might not help you find true love, but it will do a lot of other magical things. Mix white vinegar with water to make a streak-free window cleaner; pour baking soda and then vinegar down a clogged drain to flush away goop; mix it with salt or borax to remove carpet stains; or use it during the rinse cycle of the washing machine to remove odors from stinky clothes (have you ever accidentally left a load of laundry in the washing machine for too long?). There are hundreds of uses for white vinegar as a cleaning ingredient.

Bar Keepers Friend can be your friend, too. This cleanser and polisher can remove just about any stain from many hard surfaces. You don’t have to keep it confined to the bathroom, either, because it is safe to use on food-prep surfaces as well. Sprinkle some of the powder on the stain, scrub, and then rinse thoroughly to see the shiny result.

Don’t you wish you could duplicate yourself and get all your cleaning done in half the time? While cloning yourself would make the world twice as awesome, until that technology is available you can hire a maid service instead. Hired housecleaners aren’t just for the rich: you can hire a housecleaner for even short amounts of time, including by the hour, or on an ongoing daily basis. Sometimes duplicating your efforts is all you need to get ahead of the cleaning chores, and a dedicated, experienced housecleaner can perform magic in short amounts of time.

You can stock your home with magical cleaning products, but trust Goldenshine to provide the kind of housecleaning services in San Diego that will make you feel like a true wizard. Visit our Homepage to select the type of cleaning services you need and get started with your cleaning today!

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