You spend many long hours each day at your desk. These hours may be spent shuffling papers, talking on the phone and typing at the keyboard, but you may also bring germs, dust and even food crumbs and drink spills to your work area. When your desk is messy, it can detract from your ability to concentrate and be efficient at your job. It can also make your work space look unprofessional, and it could even lead to illness. By taking a few steps, you could keep your workspace clean and tidy so that you can enjoy the benefits that come with having a well-maintained work area.Best Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean - Golden Shine

Keep Cleaning Wipes Nearby

Everything from drink spills to smudges from your fingerprints can make your desk a mess. A great idea is to keep cleaning wipes nearby so that you can quickly and easily wipe down your desk when needed. Some may even get into the habit of wiping down their desk as well as chair handles and other surfaces every day before they leave the office. This ensures a clean work area at the start of each new work day. When you choose to use anti-bacterial cleaning wipes, you can also make your workspace sanitary by removing bacteria and other germs from the surfaces at your work area.

Invest in a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

You can also purchase an affordable microfiber cleaning cloth to use periodically at work. These are special cloths that are designed to be used with computer and laptop screens. They will remove smudges, fibers and fingerprints to leave your screen clean and sparkling. This is a preferred option over paper towels because these cloths will not leave behind fibers.

Use Compressed Air to Clean the Keyboard

You may also need to clean your keyboard from time to time. Generally, you will not need to clean the keyboard as frequently as you would need to clean the desk and computer screen. However, crumbs, hair, fibers and more can easily fall onto the keyboard and accumulate under the keys. When the accumulated debris is significant, it can make it difficult or impossible to strike the keys effectively. A great way to clean the matter out from under the keys is to use a can of compressed air. The compressed air can blow the matter away so that the keyboard remains clear, and this is generally more effective than simply picking up the keyboard and gently shaking it upside down. You may clean the keyboard in this fashion once a week for the best results.

Use a Hand-Held Vacuum

Another smart idea is to keep a hand-held vacuum nearby. Your office may already have a cleaning crew that cleans the floors regularly for you, but they may not visit every day. Even if they do clean your floor every day, there may be messes that accumulate during the day. For example, you may spill the tiny holes from a hole puncher on the floor. You can use a hand-held vacuum to clean your floors, your desk and even your work chair in between the cleaning crew’s visits.


Keeping your work area clean can be beneficial for you in many ways. It can improve your health be removing germs and bacteria that could make you sick. It could also make your space look more professional and improve your ability to concentrate on the job.

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