We highly recommend using Microfiber towels for cleaning. There are so many benefits to it, you’ll be ready to throw in the old towel (literally). Most people use their old bath towels to clean, using them to dust, polish furniture, even to wipe off counters. Another alternative has been sponges, but those get ruined so quickly, can’t be washed as easily, and eventually end up in landfills. They also hold in all the germs and grime, so it’s not the cleanest alternative.

Now that Microfiber towels are available almost everywhere (you can even find them at dollar stores), there’s no excuse not to use them. Microfiber towels will revolutionize the way you clean. Here’s why:

1. Super absorbency.
A square foot of a higher grade microfiber towel can hold up to seven pounds of water. That statement sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Car enthusiasts have long known the power of cleaning and drying their cars with microfiber towels. Imagine the time and energy you’ll save not having to constantly wring out a towel or cloth and run it over a surface repeatedly. Imagine making one swipe and you’re done.

2. The genius of grippers.
High-quality microfiber cleaning towels have “split microfibers.” The open spaces in the microfiber are the reason the towel can grab, pick up and hold dirt as well as absorb liquid so well. To make sure a microfiber towel is high quality, run it over the palm of your hand. If you feel the towel grabbing your skin, you’ll know it’s an effective cleaning towel. If it doesn’t grab you, you can bet it won’t perform any better than a cotton rag.

3. Save money on glass cleaning products.
Cleaning with microfiber towels means you won’t need to use traditional ammonia-based glass cleaners. Simply dampen part of your microfiber towel and wipe off the mirror, rubbing any tougher spots. Then with the dry part of the towel, polish the mirror. Voila! It’s sparkling clean.

4. Microfiber towels last for years.
Even though these high-tech cleaning towels work hard for you, they’ll look as good as new for years. Machine wash them regularly and let them air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer, because they’ll lose some of their gripping power.

5. Clean more in less time.
Cleaning with microfiber towels is a big time-saver. You won’t have to keep wiping the same surface to make sure it’s clean, because these towels deep clean without you having to scrub hard.

Want to spend less time cleaning? Buy a batch of high-quality microfiber towels. You’ll find them at automotive stores, home centers and supermarkets. You’ll save so much time cleaning with microfiber towels, you have time to relax and read a good book, watch a favorite show or give yourself a manicure. Take a deep breath and say, “Ahhhhh!”

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