Hard water deposits are the result of a heavy mineral deposit in the water, usually calcium and magnesium. If your water has a high enough concentration of these metals it will leave a stain on the things it comes in regular contact with. This can be anything and everything from your kettle, sink faucet, shower head, and tub to your dishes, cookware and coffee maker. It can leave your kitchen and bathrooms looking grimy and dirty. Thankfully, you’ll find that with just a little know-how your hard water problems will be a thing of the past.

White vinegar is the hero of this story, and you can use it to make an environmentally friendly (yet highly effective) cleaning solution. Just mix it with water in equal parts. You can then wipe this solution on any appliances or faucets with hard water deposits, although you will experience even better results if you allow things to soak for a little while.

Try this: mix up some magic vinegar solution and pour it into a heavy duty gallon size Ziploc bag. Then, place the bag over your shower head or faucet, securing it with duct tape, and let it soak overnight. By the next morning your shower heads and faucets will gleam!

You can also use white vinegar to clean out your coffee maker, just fill up the water reservoir with equal parts white vinegar and water, then run it through a cycle. Once that’s done, you should run a few water only cycles before you try and make coffee, otherwise you will have some very sour brew!

To clean your dishes and pots, just soak the items in the white vinegar solution. Dishes won’t take long, but pots may need an overnight soak. Kettles can also be put on for a boil with the same solution.

If your home has a problem with hard water you may want to do these vinegar treatments regularly, as this will help you avoid permanent stains and will keep your kitchen and bathrooms looking fresh and clean.

Happy cleaning!

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