Cleaning with Children


It is like pulling teeth. Or is it? After some research, we found out that the biggest reason children resent the idea of cleaning is because they don’t know what it includes! We came up with a couple tips of how to help encourage your kids cartier love bracelet to clean with you, to help tidy up your beautiful home.


  1. Organize. Making lists, and organizing cartier nail bracelet
    yourself first cartier bracelet ebay
    can be a great place to start. If you make a list of things you want done around the house, you and your kids can then make a list of how the tasks and chores will be divided.


  1. Deadline: Once you have made a list with your family, the next best step to follow is to pick a date when you want these tasks completed. Kids are so often busy with school, play dates, and after-school programs. Finding a time that works best whether it be the same day and time each week, or sometimes differs, planning ahead will help minimize confusion!


  1. Teach. The worst part about cleaning can be having to do the same task twice. In order to minimize this issue, teaching your kids the proper way to complete cartier love necklace a task is a great way to help. The first time everyone is completing a task on the list, if you do it together, you can eliminate miscommunication of completeness.


  1. Faith. Although we often assume that our kids are a little young to complete a task perfectly, have a little faith. If at first you complete the list together, the next time they clean on their own, they will be sure to use your techniques! They can often surprise you for the better.. J



Happy Cleaning,


— GoldenShine

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