To prevent damage and to keep your hardwood and laminate floors looking beautiful for years, here are a few tips to help you care for your flooring:

– Use entrance mats and throw rugs near doorways to minimize tracked-in dirt, which can scratch the floor’s finish. Vacuum your mats often.
– Vacuum or sweep often with a soft brush attachment or soft fine bristle broom to reduce damaging dirt.
– Use felt pads under heavy furniture to protect floors from dents and gouges, and when moving heavy furniture, lift – don’t slide.
– Water is your floor’s worst enemy, so clean up spills immediately to avoid damage.
– Use a very dry damp mop when mopping wood floors, since excess water can seep into seams and ruin them.
– As needed, use pH-neutral cleaning products designed for hardwood and laminate floors.
– Some floors may require periodic waxing and buffing. Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor.

Happy cleaning!

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