Here at Golden Shine we love pets of all shapes and sizes, from the small and furry ones you can cuddle, to the large playful ones that make you play fetch endlessly. We even have a pet on our staff.

However, having pets can have some unfortunate side effects when it comes to your home’s general aroma. Even if your pet is house trained and fairly clean, they will often leave behind a musty pet scent that can put a serious damper on the otherwise fresh atmosphere of your home. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to help keep your spaces smelling fresh and pet odor free, and we’ve put together a couple tips to help you in this effort:

1. If your pet has a strange smell that just won’t go away, try changing their diet. If their funny smell persists even after bathing, it’s probably caused by odors released from the skin. Try an all-natural pet food, or look for pet food that isn’t cereal-based. A natural diet can go a long way in neutralizing pet odor, as well as keeping your animal healthier overall.

2. Maintenance cleaning is a must for pet owners. Waiting too long to vacuum the carpet or scrub that spot on the sofa can lead to long-standing smells that are hard to dispel. Be sure to keep up on the small stuff, especially floors, couches, and other areas where your pet spends a lot of time. Regular cleaning will keep the odors at bay.

3. Shampooing your carpets may help you get rid of long-lasting odors, especially if your pet is untrained or prone to accidents. The carpet is a magnet for dirt, mess, and odors, and is probably the source of your problem. Target accident areas with baking soda, or an odor neutralizing spray. Just be sure to test it on a corner of the carpet first to ensure that it doesn’t result in any discoloration. If you’ve cleaned your carpet and the odors still persist, you may have to go a level deeper and look at the pad underneath your carpeting. This will probably be stained, smelly, and may need to be replaced.

Following these tips will help make your pet even more lovable, and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Happy cleaning!

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