If you thought baking soda was only for pancakes and 4th-grade science projects, we have some big news. Baking soda is a non-toxic, versatile, and highly effective cleaning agent. It’s both a deodorizer and antiseptic, and best of all, it makes a great green cleaning product. We’ve included a list below of potential ways you can put baking soda to use in your home.

As a deodorizer:

– Sprinkle baking soda on dry carpet after a spill to help remove any odors.
– Leave an open box of baking soda in your fridge or closet to neutralize odors.
– Baking soda is pet-friendly; if you’ve having smelly pet troubles, dust your pet’s dry fur with baking soda after a bath.
– Clean stuffed animals by dusting with baking soda. Let sit for 15 minutes, then dust off.
– Soak up smells by sprinkling baking soda in the soles of your shoes.
– Dust over your trash can contents with baking soda if you encounter an unpleasant smell; rinse the empty can with a baking soda and water solvent.

As a cleaning agent:

– Wipe down virtually any surface with baking soda and a damp cloth to get rid of bacteria and stains. Note: Aluminum foil is one of the few materials sensitive to baking soda–use sparingly.
– You can remove stains from your silverware with a baking soda paste: 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Scrub, soak, and rinse.
– Add ½ cup baking soda to a bucket of warm water for a fast-acting cleanser for your tile floors. Bonus feature: this freshens the mop!
– Remove wall and furniture stains with a baking soda paste.
– Wipe down appliances that see a lot of food traffic, like your microwave or stove. This will help dispel germs and odors.
– Add ½ cup of baking soda during your laundry’s rinse cycle for an extra clean feel. Use as a soak or paste to get out clothing stains.

With just this simple household ingredient, you can transform the state of your home, without causing harm to the environment. Try out this green cleaning magic in your home. You may be amazed with the results! Check out our green cleaning page to learn more.

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