Have you ever wondered how to recreate that “hotel” bed look at home? You may be surprised to learn that it’s not as difficult as you think and with practice you can make your bed in under 3 minutes.

Begin with a freshly laundered sheet set; one fitted sheet and one flat sheet sized to fit the bed you’re making. Pull the fitted sheet taut from corner to corner until the mattress is covered. Next, standing at the foot of the bed, shake out the top sheet until it billows down evenly over the bed, and then adjust so the sheet drapes evenly down either side of the mattress. Make sure the sheet’s cuff is aligned with the headboard.

At the head of the bed, lift the end of the sheet and lay the hem in one smooth line directly along the headboard. Returning to the foot of the bed, gently pull out any wrinkles until the sheet lies flat on the bed, allowing any extra length to fall towards the floor.

Repeat this step with the blanket, but lay the top hem about 8 inches below the headboard. Make sure cuff end of the blanket is aligned with the headboard. Fold the top sheet back over the blanket. Tuck in the bottom edge and make hospital corners by picking up the side edge at the bottom corner and holding it out. Tuck in what is left hanging down at the corner, then let the edge fall and tuck it in as well. Repeat for the other bottom corner. Tuck in the sides.

Next, put your pillow cases on the sleeping pillow. Some pillows have zippers at one end. Holding the pillowcase open like a bag, put the pillow in with the zipper going first. That way the zipper will be covered up and won’t accidentally scratch anyone’s phentermine face when they’re sleeping. Make sure the corners are even and then fluff. If the pillow cases are too large for the pillows you can tuck the top surface over the end and just inside the bottom fabric. Fold the bottom excess in after it to form a smooth pocket.

Apply the bedspread or comforter, keeping the length even along the sides and foot of the bed. You should have a good surplus at the headboard. Double this back over the spread until the fold line runs parallel to the headboard a few inches short of the top sheet. Center the pillows on the fold and lift the remaining spread over their tops. Smooth out any wrinkles, add on your decorative pillows and there you have it; an inviting, beautifully made bed.

Happy cleaning!

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