Every now and then we come across a household chore that can be a real pain to complete. Think of a cleaning task that you absolutely detest and could definitely live without ever having to do again. That’s how we used to feel about folding fitted sheets, that is until we found a few simple steps that help make this dreaded task a breeze.

We wanted to share out new-found wisdom with you, so here’s a step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to take the pain out of all your sheet folding endeavors.

Step 1: Stand up tall and take a corner of the sheet in each hand and hold your arms out wide. Make sure to hold the Fold a fitted sheet step 1corners of the shorter edge of the sheet. Turn the sheet inside out and then place each hand under the two corners.




How to fold a fitted sheet - step 2Step 2: Take one of the corners of the sheet, bring it to meet your other hand and then fold it over the adjacent corner. Next pick up the third corner that is hanging in front and fold that over the corners you are already holding. The part of the sheet that is facing you should be inside out.




fitted sheet - step 3Step 3: Take the last corner that is hanging down and completely envelope all the other corners of the sheet.




folding a fitted sheet - step 4Step 4: Lay the fitted sheet on a flat surface. You’ll want to straighten the sheet out as best as you can, and remember to keep those corners folded nicely into each other.




step 5 - folding a fitted sheetStep 5: Fold the right and left edge of the sheet to hide the fitted corners.




step 6 - how to fold a fitted sheetStep 6: Fold the top and the bottom of the sheet in until it’s a nice little rectangle.




step 7 of folding a fitted sheetStep 7: Now stand back and admire your work. You’ve just completed a task that many of us thought impossible; your fitted sheet is now folded as if it were a regular non-fitted variety. By following these instructions and using the nifty pics included as guides you’ll soon be folding fitted sheets like a pro!

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