Spring is fast approaching and in preparation of this beautiful time of year, why not get your home smelling as fresh as the season?

Here at Golden Shine we have a few handy weapons that we like to use when it comes to fighting off bad smells in your home. Our tricks are simple, inexpensive, and are guaranteed to make your home sparkle. With just a few natural ingredients and a couple easy steps you can take your home from smelly to sensational in no time!

The first step in ridding your home of unwanted smells is finding the source of any bad odors. Some of the biggest culprits are your trash cans, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and carpet.

Now that the offenders have been identified we need to choose our weapons. Baking soda is one of the best overall odor neutralizers and can be used in pretty much every area of your home to help eliminate bad odors and get your home smelling fresh once again. Baking soda is also an eco-friendly green cleaning product. That means it doesn’t contain any toxic, harmful chemicals, so it’s better for both you and the environment.

To get rid of smells in your trash can, start by giving it a good washing and then sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom of the trash can before you put in a new bag. This will absorb any lingering odors and prevent them from permeating your kitchen.

To get rid of smells in your carpet, simply sprinkle baking soda lightly over the offending area and then let it sit for an hour. The baking soda will soak up any moisture and odors from the carpet. After having let it sit, just hit it with a vacuum real quick to pull up the baking soda leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean. You may even remove and old stain or two with this simple trick.

Fresh lemons can also be used very effectively in your fight against “the stink”. Not only does lemon neutralize any existing bad smells, it also replaces them with a bright, fresh scent that will linger for days. Just like baking soda, lemons are also a green, eco-friendly cleaning product.

The garbage disposal can be a major culprit when it comes to bad smells in the kitchen. Just chop up a fresh lemon into small pieces, throw it into your garbage disposal and flip the switch. The lemon will rid your garbage disposal of any nasty smells, replacing them with lemony freshness.

When it comes to the fridge, you can use a combination of lemon and baking soda. Give your fridge a good deep clean to start. Next, take a warm bowl of water and add some fresh lemon to it, then wipe down your fridge using the solution. After your fridge has received a good wipe-down, open up a box of baking soda and leave it in your fridge. This will help keep odors away for months.

Last but not least, make sure to air out your home on a regular basis. Every couple of weeks open up a few windows on opposite ends of your home and allow the air to circulate throughout the house. You can place a few fans facing outwards in the windows and this will suck the old air out of your home and draw new fresh air in.

Now take a deep breath and enjoy your fresh-smelling, sparkling clean home.

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