If you’re like us, you are probably faced with the combination of too much mess and too little time. Speed cleaning is the perfect solution to this common situation, and will help you get your home looking at least somewhat dwell-worthy, without taking hours out of your day.

Speed cleaning is doing only the most needed tasks to get a room looking neat and tidy. It’s efficient, effective, and easy to learn. If you have unexpected guests, or just find yourself with a few free minutes on your hands, a quick speed-clean will keep your house in apple-pie order. We’ve put together a basic speed cleaning plan to help you get started.

The most important aspect of a speed clean is planning. Without a game plan, you will find yourself hitting areas haphazardly, and you may miss the things that really make a difference. Proper planning involves budgeting time to focus on the most important tasks. An example of this for a living room would be:

Wipe down or dust coffee tables and surfaces – 1 minute
Straighten couch cushions and arrange pillows – 45 seconds
Arrange or put away books, DVDs, etc. – 2 minutes
Spray air freshener – 30 seconds
Vacuum floor – 6-7 minutes

And just like that, your living room is presentable in as little as under 10 minutes. In this example, your required cleaning materials are a cloth or duster, air freshener, and a vacuum. You might want to put together a “Speed Cleaning Kit”, in which all the items you need to clean a certain area are right within reach. This can save you a lot of time when there’s a knock on the door and your kitchen looks like a war zone.

Try this out and see for yourself! We think you’ll like the results.

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