Cleaning the house and keeping it clean can be difficult when children are in the home but if you get the kids to help, the house will stay clean for a longer period of time. Plus, if you make it fun the kids will enjoy helping you keep the house neat and tidy.How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Kids - Golden Shine

Teach and Motivate Them to Clean

First, you have to teach children how to clean and motivate them to clean the house. Allow them to observe you as you vacuum the carpet, dust shelves and sweep the kitchen floor. Soon, they will learn how to do it too. As they start to clean, be sure to encourage them by telling them they are doing a good job and thank them for helping you. Give them pointers on how to improve. In addition, try not to be overly critical if they do not do a good job at first.

Use the Proper Supplies and Tools

It is important not to give your child a task that they cannot handle. It’s best to start them out with small, simple tasks. Also remember to use safe cleaning products and consider using smaller brooms and mops that are kid sized. They make small lightweight vacuum cleaners that are easy and light enough for kids to use, but they still can work to pick up lint and debris such as cookie crumbs and pet hair.

Play Music to Make It Fun

Playing their favorite music while the kids clean is also helpful and fun. They will love bouncing or dancing around to the music as they tidy up the house or their room. Music will also help keep them motivated. Plus, it will make the time go by faster as they are folding laundry, sorting their toys, loading the dishwasher, cleaning their rooms or dusting the furniture.

Make Cleaning the House a Game

Make a game out of cleaning. Kids love to race against the clock. Give them so many minutes to clean out a drawer or to sort or fold the laundry. Another fun thing to do is have them put on some old and clean socks and slide their feet along the hardwood floor to pick up dust bunnies. Have them put the dust in a bag to see who can collect the most amount of dust in five minutes. Slipping along the floor can be dangerous, so be sure remove breakable objects and any chairs or tables that have sharp edges.

Sort Items to Reduce Clutter

You can also have your kids play a sorting game with their toys, books, movies on DVD, dolls, art supplies, electronic games and with their clothes and socks. Have them place the sorted items in colorful storage bins that have lids and that are stackable. Sorting is fun for kids and it is a great way to reduce clutter in the home. Sorting and placing items in bins also saves space and keeps items neatly out of the way.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

It is also a good idea to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. You can set the amount of time for the chores and also the day. You can make schedules for the morning, afternoon and evening. The schedule can be set for daily, bi-weekly or weekly chores. Assign everyone tasks to do and be sure to balance out the chores for each child. It may be fun to print out the schedule and place it on a wall or on the outside of the refrigerator door so everyone can read it.


These are some creative ways to get your children motivated to do chores around the house. Give some or all of them a try. Your kids will have fun in the process and your house will be neat and clean and free from clutter.

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