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Shopping for the perfect gift often takes a lot of time and stress. Often, the thing that couples need most during transitional times like getting married, moving, celebrating a graduation or anniversary, or having a new baby is something they’ll never dare ask for: an extra hand around the house.

What New Parents Want: Housekeeping Gift Cards

Adjusting to a new family member is a happy time, but it’s also a time when there are more meaningful things to do each day besides scrub the bathtub and polish the furniture. You feel tired. You’re waking up all night and worrying in between feedings, even if you’ve had years and years to prepare and dream about this new baby entering your life. That’s why new parents almost universally appreciate the thoughtfulness of a house cleaning gift card. An extra set of booties might be fun to shop for, but what do you think this exhausted new mother will really need and appreciate most once the baby arrives (or in the scramble of getting the baby room set up)? The gift of an extra set of hands around the house is a thoughtful gift that every new parent will appreciate. You can purchase a gift card from your local housekeeping service in dollar amounts or purchase a set number of visits.

What Newlyweds Want: A Weekly Housekeeping Visit

Adjusting to married life is a fun and exciting time, but it’s also a time when the stress over housekeeping concerns can cause contention or worry. That’s why newlyweds appreciate housekeeping gift cards. This is a great idea for couples who are busy or feeling a bit frazzled from the stress of planning a wedding. Housekeeping service gift cards are a beautiful way to pamper new brides and grooms and help them find happiness in their relationship each day.

Perfect Housewarming Gift: House Cleaning Gift Card

Getting used to a new housekeeping routine in a new place is an overwhelming task when you’re simultaneously adjusting to a new job, a new schedule, a new neighborhood, and new responsibilities. On top of that, if you’ve just moved you’re also going to be sorting things into the proper place for awhile, even after the last box has been recycled. If you are looking for a housewarming gift that says that you care, give a house cleaning gift card. Your friend can schedule housekeeping services as a one-time deep clean service or for sometime after the move, when they need it most. This makes a highly desirable gift from out of town friends and family, who often wish they could be there to help during a move but can’t be there physically.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Special Occasions

You can help a friend celebrate his or her special day by making sure the home environment is clean and tidy. You can do the cleaning yourself or you can hire a professional housekeeping service, and take your friend to lunch while the team is tidying up. While other gifts may pile up over the years, the gift of a clean house is something that will be remembered and cherished by those who appreciate a clean and beautiful life.

Give The Gift of Tidy

You can purchase house cleaning gift cards today for your friends and family. Golden Shine is San Diego’s premiere cleaning service company, offering a full array of house keeping and office cleaning services, from one-time deep clean services to weekly cleaning appointments. We also offer Christmas light installation, window cleaning, and commercial cleaning services. Contact us today to purchase a gift card or get a quote.

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