With the new school year approaching fast, many of us find ourselves pouring over those nifty back-to-school supply lists. If only all of life’s choices and demands could be so gathered and organized on one sheet of paper. Well, there actually is a list for every lifestyle out there, especially when it comes to cleaning.

The key to finding your niche in cleaning is in developing a system that works for you, and visual aides like lists are great for formulating new routines. Identify what your schedule is and where you can implement cleaning. Take a minute to think about what you dislike doing or what gets put off the most. What is discouraging you from completing this task? Everything in our lives has the potential to accumulate whether it is laundry, mail, dishes, etc., and everyday we make little lists in our heads of
what choices we are going to make for the day.

Some people are fabulous when it comes to moderation and can do a little of everything everyday. Others live by an “all or nothing” creed and find satisfaction in following a task from beginning to end. Some prefer a less structured approach and seek out spontaneity whenever possible. Whatever your method in life may be, incorporating a cleaning routine that complements your lifestyle is the best defense against an accumulation of chores. For those that are good with moderation, we recommend spending 30 minutes each day on one room or one whole-house cleaning task. A possible daily schedule may include:

  • Day 1 – Bedrooms
  • Day 2 – Kitchen
  • Day 3 – Laundry Room
  • Day 4 – Living room, family room, or dining room
  • Day 5 – Bathroom
  • Day 6 – Office, dens, entryways
  • Day 7 – Rest

Plan 2 is for those who do not like routines and is one task a day. Post a list of cleaning tasks on your refrigerator and complete one task every day. Or, you can write your tasks on equal size pieces of paper, fold them, and put them in a bowl. Each day pull one paper and voila, spontaneity at your fingertips!

For those of you who prefer to see a project through from beginning to end, the all at once method is for you. This is the most traditional style of cleaning, and is best suited for those who have 2 or more days off from work a week and either enjoy cleaning or enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning the house from top to bottom.

So in the season of getting our kids back into their routines, let’s go ahead get a routine going for ourselves. Not only will you be setting good examples for your children, you’ll feel better every day with each check of your list and thinking of all the ways to reward yourself for your diligence.

Good-bye laundry, Hello Ben and Jerry!

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