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No more stinky towels!

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower only to grab a fresh towel with a terrible odor of mildew. Don’t fret…this is a common problem with bath towels. Since they spend so much time being wet, it’s easy... read full

Cleaning and Disinfecting Toys

If you have children in your home, you probably have more than a few bins filled with toys. It’s important that these toys get cleaned and disinfected regularly, to prevent germs from spreading in your home and to keep your... read full

New Partnership: Cleaning For A Reason

We are proud to announce a partnership with Cleaning for a Reason. This tremendous organization serves throughout the United States and Canada to partner with cleaning agencies like Golden Shine and offer complimentary house cleanings for women undergoing treatment for... read full

Tidying Your Home Before Vacation

Are you and your family trying to sneak in one last vacation before school starts this Fall? In addition to packing your suitcases or loading up the car before heading out, it’s also a great idea to give your home... read full

The Definitive Guide To Spring Cleaning

Spring is our favorite time of year. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the best part: it’s time for spring cleaning! Okay, we admit that spring cleaning may not be the best part, but it’s definitely an important part... read full

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Every now and then we come across a household chore that can be a real pain to complete. Think of a cleaning task that you absolutely detest and could definitely live without ever having to do again. That’s how we... read full


Awwww Yeah!

We’re proud to announce that we are the recipients of a 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award. This exclusive recognition is given annually to the top 5% of service companies who have achieved a superior service rating throughout 2012. Between... read full

Tips For Post-Super Bowl Cleaning

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and you’re probably gearing up for the big game. There are few traditions quite so time-honored as sitting around the TV with your friends and family while watching athletic exploits take shape... read full