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Win A Free Cleaning!

We’re giving away three free cleanings at the end of August. Just “like” Golden Shine Cleaning Agency on Facebook to be entered to win. It’s that simple. So hide your brooms, hide your sponges … and tell your friends. Check... read full

Speed Cleaning In A Pinch

Perhaps you can relate to this scenario: It’s Saturday morning, you haven’t quite gotten into your day, and you sure haven’t gotten to your to-do list yet. Your phone rings, and it’s a friend you haven’t seen in a while.... read full

House Cleaning Facts [Infographic]

Here at Golden Shine we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about all aspects of house cleaning. We’re generally thinking about ways to improve the cleaning process, but we also occasionally think about things like “how many hours... read full

“Thanks Mom”

If your mom was anything like ours, she probably spent countless hours cleaning up after you, year after year. Why not return the favor by giving her a gift she’ll love: a professionally cleaned home. Our professional independent housekeepers will... read full

Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is here and it’s time to open your windows wide and let the fresh air in. Golden Shine Cleaning Agency is here to help you get rid of the dirt and disorder that has crept in over the winter... read full

How To Choose A Great Cleaning Company

We recently published an article for the San Diego BBB on how to choose a great cleaning company. We think it’s a must read if you’re currently shopping around for a new housekeeping referral service, and we’ve included the full... read full

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning isn’t just about being environmentally friendly, it can also have a profound effect on your heath. Many of the cleaning products used in everyday cleaning are loaded with chemicals, and these can often cause respiratory problems and other... read full

The Cleaning Cupid

No one wants to be romantic in a dirty home, so why not sparkle up your home for your loved one this Valentines Day? Whether you’re planning on enjoying a night spent at home or taking your sweetheart out on... read full