How Proper Household Cleaning Can Keep down Spring Allergies

San Diego is no stranger to pollen, and those who live in this area may suffer from acute allergies from the California Black Oak, Arizona Cypress, Arroyo Willow trees. While there are many contributing factors to allergies, there is no denying that having pollen and other irritating substances in your home can exacerbate any symptoms. Thankfully, good cleaning techniques can help restore an allergen free home. Try these tips to keep out the causes of your sniffles and water eyes.

Screens Aren’t Enough

On balmy days, there are few pleasures as sweet as an open window screen. However, the very same spring air that wafts through the window is often the air that brings in pollen and allergens as well. If you insist on keeping your windows open, hang or fix a fine linen cloth over the screens. This will help snare some of those allergens before they get in your house and will also let in the fresh air. When you’re done with the linens, wash them and use again when you need.

Get In the Corners

Those little dust bunnies you find under your couch or in the corners holds untold numbers of pollen and allergens. Go around every day and do a quick sweep of the corners and under the surfaces of things. This will gather the “bunnies

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