Happy August San Diego! We can’t believe we are already going into our third month of summer! Time really really does fly when you’re having fun, or perhaps in our case, just finding ourselves really busy. For most of us, summer is a time for letting loose and enjoying ourselves. Whether it’s hitting the beach, boating on the lake, or hosting a backyard BBQ, there is always more excitement during summer.

Unfortunately, the more we do outside, the more bacteria and germs we bring inside. So this week is all about disinfecting surfaces, particularly those we touch the most. In general, most germs can be killed with nothing more than hot, soapy water. However, we like to clean with confidence, and rather than second guessing the effectiveness of the soapy water, we would rather use something with a little more “zing”.

Among disinfectants, there are several varieties including aerosol, spray, and concentrates. We personally trust Lysol, and use their aerosol. Whatever you choose, as long as it lists “anti-bacterial”, or “disinfectant”, you’re good to go. If “green cleaning” is your thing, using distilled white vinegar is the oldest method of disinfecting there is.

There are two steps in the process of killing germs. The first step is to remove any grime and buildup with an all-purpose cleaner and a clean dish towel or microfiber sponge. It looks clean, but is it really? No. Continue on to the next step by taking a disinfectant spray, misting the entire surface and letting it air-dry. Or, if you happen to have an all-purpose cleaner that also disinfects, spray the surface and let it sit no less than 5 minutes before wiping with a clean cloth. Disinfect your sponge after each use by dampening it and placing in the microwave on high for one minute, or sending it through the dishwasher next time you start a load.

We always encourage using renewable resources, and dishtowels can be completely disinfected by washing them in the washer with hot water and a little detergent. We strongly recommend cleaning at least your kitchen surfaces daily. There are more germs in your kitchen sink than on your toilet seat which is something to think about before washing your fresh produce in the sink. As we like to put it: Think clean, live healthy. As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and nothing makes us shine more than the happy clients we serve.

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