When life gets especially hectic, we all look for ways to cope with the stress. We want the spaces we occupy to be places of comfort and relaxation. But when things get busy, the appearance of the bedroom is often the first to go. Laundry and bric-a-brac pile up in the corners, books lie scattered, and things get forgotten or misplaced. Nothing contributes to a stressful day like going to bed in what looks like a disaster zone.

Luckily, with just three habits you can keep your bedroom clean and clear with minimal interruption to your schedule.

1. Organize, organize, organize.
The best way to clear clutter from a dirty living space is to make sure there’s a specific place for everything to begin with. The options are endless and can suit your individual taste-baskets,
drawers, and wall hooks are all good examples-but investing in an organizing system will save you valuable time if you have trouble finding items in the chaos. Consider long-term storage for items you rarely use.

2. Maintain the small stuff.
Waiting for the little things to build up to a sizeable problem is the trademark of messy bedrooms and their occupants. Don’t procrastinate on getting to that dusty shelf or cluttered desk. Make an effort to do the surface cleaning (like vacuuming, dusting, small tidying jobs, etc) at least once a week. This will keep your room looking clutter-free.

3. Always make your bed.
While this might seem like a no-brainer, an unmade bed can change the appearance of the whole room from neat to messy. Beds that aren’t made invite other clutter and ruin an otherwise orderly ambiance. Form a habit of making your bed at around the same time every morning for a tidy start to your day.

When life starts piling up around you, your peace of mind shouldn’t be the first thing to suffer. Smaller habits that are maintained will keep your life a lot less cluttered than waiting for a much-needed deep cleaning. With these three habits, your bedroom will be transformed from zany to Zen in no time.

Happy cleaning!

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