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Have you ever wondered why it’s nearly impossible to keep yourself focused and on-task in a messy room? If you are habitually untidy, studies show that it could be a reflection of how your mind is working. You could be mentally working twice as hard as you need to in a cluttered environment. The good news takeaway? A little cluster busting and deep cleaning can help you get focused and stay alert when it comes to mental tasks. A clean house can even help you feel more energetic and creative.

Tidy House, Tidier Finances

Working to de-clutter, clean, and maintain order can actually help you clean up your finances over time. In fact, it’s a good bet that if your house is a always a mess, so is your bank account. A simple change such as dedicating an hour or less each day to tidying up and removing excess stuff can also give you the mental boost you need to sort out your budget and stick to your plan. Cleaning your house doesn’t mean you’ll automatically become a financial wizard or suddenly get a check in the mail for a million dollars, but the simple act of training yourself to be ordered in your living environment will also train your subconscious and conscious minds to be more ordered with money. That’s two wins!

Tidy House, Better Love Life

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or you work in an office, there is a definite connection between a neat, orderly home and how romantic you feel. Married or co-habiting partners working together to make a place for everything and keep everything in its place produces a very positive energy. For single people, a clean house means you aren’t embarrassed to have a guest visit at any time. Your guest will also be gratified to know you’re not a slob. You and your partner are much more likely to be in the mood for love when your environment is pleasant and clean.

Tidy House, Healthier Life

Mess invites germs and sickness. Old dishes in the sink growing mold, piles of dirty laundry stinking up the washing area, un-mopped floors, and filthy toilets are all cesspools of bacteria and other germs. While you don’t have be obsessive about preventing germs, keeping the house clean does benefit the immune system. You will suffer from fewer sick days when you do a preventative cleaning on a regular basis.

A clean house is just a happier house, and happiness is something every human being desires. Do yourself a favor by working to keep your house orderly, clean, and neat as often as possible. You’ll find that it works to your benefit in multiple ways.

Hiring someone to clean your house isn’t cheating, either. Busy homeowners can take advantage of the services of professional housecleaners and enjoy the results just as much as someone who spends time tidying every day. Golden Shine offers superior housecleaning services from independent cleaning professionals for customers in San Diego and surrounding areas. Visit our Homepage now to get started.

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