Are you and your family trying to sneak in one last vacation before school starts this Fall? In addition to packing your suitcases or loading up the car before heading out, it’s also a great idea to give your home a quick clean before you depart, it will make that post-vacation transition so much easier. Who doesn’t love coming home from a long trip to a spotless house? Here are some areas to focus on when tidying up before your trip:

  • The Kitchen This area is especially important to leave clean so you can keep the bugs at bay. If there are even a few crumbs left behind while you’re on vacation, you could come home to a mess. To avoid this problem, toss out any old food, be sure that all containers are properly closed, and wipe down all surfaces to eliminate any trace of food. Before you leave the kitchen, be sure to sweep or vacuum the floors to grab any crumbs you may have missed.
  • Empty trash cans It’s a good idea to empty all trash cans in the house–including bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Plus, you never know what kind of odors will arise from those trash cans if they are left to sit for a week while you’re on vacation.
  • House plants If you have any plants in your home, be sure to give them a good watering before you leave. Otherwise, you’ll come home to a droopy plant and a pile of dead leaves littering the floors.
  • Floors and carpets In the process of loading up the car for vacation, it’s likely that your family has tracked some grass or dirt in from the outside. It’s a great idea to give your carpets and floors a final sweep before hitting the road, to ensure that stains and dirt don’t have the chance to settle while you’re gone.

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