The time for spring cleaning has come at last, and if you’re anything like us, your home could probably benefit from a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning. That may sound like a daunting task, but with the following tricks and tips you should be able to give your home the attention it deserves, without losing your mind in the process.

1. Come up with a game plan.

When you hear the words “spring cleaning” most people envision long, grueling days of dust and woe. Perhaps it’s the memories of that weekend-long fridge cleaning project, or the seemingly endless hours spent scrubbing away hard water deposits in the shower. But really, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be one mammoth project. The spring seasons lasts for months, and there’s no reason why you should have to cram your entire spring cleaning regimen into a single weekend.

Start by mapping out your priorities, then tackle them one at a time. If you’ve got both a severely neglected fridge and a garage full of clutter, split those jobs across multiple sessions. Break things down into bite-sized chunks, and the job will quickly appear much more manageable. That brings us to our next point.

2. Clean little-by-little.

You can choose to map out many smaller jobs to be completed over a period of time, or plan one long and titanic onslaught of cleaning. Both approaches will get the job done, however, the first approach probably means far less stress and effort overall. Cleaning little-by-little simply means organizing your to-do list into small, doable chores that you can complete easily in one go. Don’t have time to clean out all your kitchen cupboards at once? Just start with three or four, and tackle them in an evening. You can finish the rest the following night. Breaking down huge jobs into easily manageable segments will allow you to make steady progress, and provides a regular reward and sense of accomplishment. This bring us to our final tip.

3. Reward yourself.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t love cleaning. We all like the end result, but the road there is usually filled with elbow grease and more than a little sweat and effort. We like to punctuate things by rewarding ourselves whenever we complete a major task. Just take time to take a step back and bask in the beauty of your work. Take a few minutes to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and you will feel rejuvenated and ready to jump into the next task.

We hope the above tips help take some of the pain out of your spring cleaning. Of course, if you ever need any help, you can always give us a call.

Happy cleaning!

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