We LOVE coconut oil. There are countless uses for it that are pretty amazing. We wanted to share why you should be using it all the time! Coconut oil nourishes your skin and hair and has other amazing health benefits.

Coconut Oil Benefits

You can use it as a hair mask by putting it on damp hair for 5 minutes and then rinsing off. Apply it to your skin right after showering, so your skin stays soft all day. Coconut oil is very hydrating and you can use it as a lip balm directly onto your lips cartier replica to keep them smooth. Coconut oil can help strengthen weak nails by rubbing it on your nails and cuticle line. Rub a tiny bit under your eyes to prevent the look cartier bracelet ebay
of fine lines and wrinkles and you will save a ton of money by not buying that expensive eye cream.

Rub a pea size amount on your fingers and rub onto your hair for all day frizz control, don’t put too much on dry hair as it will make your hair greasy. Dip a q-tip or put some on a cotton ball to remove your makeup at the end of the day. The coconut oil will also hydrate your skin. Use coconut oil as shaving cream to get super close and smooth shave.

If your dealing with bug bites this summer, rub some coconut oil on them to soothe the itch and reduce redness. You can also soothe sun burns by rubbing coconut oil on. If you have eczema or another skin condition, you can rub it on those dry patches instead of using medicated harsh ointment. Rub coconut oil on dry rough feet and put on socks while you sleep to keep them moisturized.

Coconut oil is fantastic for your skin, but you can also eat it! You can saute with coconut oil to soak your food in the good fats (omega 6) thats in coconut, as well as, bake with it to cut out the use of vegetable oils. Add a tablespoon www.cartierlovebracelet.co to your coffee for the sweet taste.  You can also use it as a butter replacement in dishes and on toast. Add coconut oil to your popcorn for a tasty treat. Add a tablespoon to smoothies for a thickening agent and to aid in digestive health.

Use coconut oil as a mouth wash, called oil pulling, to get a deep clean and freshen breathe. It also will whiten your teeth without the harsh chemicals and painful strips.  You can rub some on your new tattoo to keep it moisturized and prevent infection because coconut oil has natural cartier bracelet healing properties. If you are pregnant you can use it on your skin to prevent stretch marks.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for what coconut oil can be used for. It is a superfood which helps to prevent heart disease, burns fat, contains healthy fatty acids, and can lower cholesterol. You should use coconut oil daily to reap all these amazing benefits. What else do you use coconut oil for?


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