We all know soda isn’t the greatest thing for our health. With all the sugar and other strange ingredients, it’s a wonder we still consume so much of it. Although, we have to admit we do love an occasional ice cold coke on a warm day or with a juicy burger.coke Here are some surprising other things you can do with that can of coke, besides drink it.

You can pour some down your toilet and after cartier bracelet
an hour scrub the bowl with a brush to have it sparkling like new.

Remove tough stains from your clothing by pouring some coke in with your detergent while doing laundry. The acidic and phosphoric properties aid in removing the stains.

Window cleaner. The acidity also makes for a good window cleaner and works cartier bracelets the same way as a citrus cleaner.

Remove rust from your tools. Dunk your tools or any rusty object in Coca-Cola for a few hours or over night and then rinse off. They will be shiny like new.


Clean out your teapot. Pour coke in your teapot and let it sit for a few minutes and then you can wash it off with soap. Sometimes it’s hard to clean inside the curves, so the soda will help remove the build up easily. Clean your tile grout, pour some coke on your tile and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it clean.

Bugs, just like humans, love coke. But surprisingly coke does not love bugs, it can actually kill them. Take advantage of this and spray the drink on ant hills and cockroaches in your cupboards and get rid of them!

Use your can of Coca-Cola as a color fader! Coca-Cola is known cartier bracelet ebay
for its quality of fading the color on hair.  If you dyed your hair many shades darker than you wanted… Coca-Cola is the perfect trick.

Have an annoying piece of gum stuck in your hair? Don’t sweat it! Pour some coke on the gum and let it settle in for a few minutes. In just a matter of time the gum will be way easier to pick out.

Are your pots and pans blackened? Most would assume soap could discount cartier bracelet tackle this mess. Think again! Pour coke on your pots and pans and let it seep in just for a few moments. The chemicals in the fizzy beverage have powers to remove that annoying grime.

Shockingly, on some farms in India, farmers use Coca-Cola instead of pesticides for pest termination. Apparently, the high sugar content of the drinks can make them efficient in fighting pests. Of course, the Coca-Cola company would beg to differ.

Next time you run into a stain, dirt, rust or gum… Coca-Cola will be your new best friend!

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