Most of us lead pretty busy lives, and we don’t always have time to give each area in our home the attention it may deserve. This means that there are often a few areas around the house that tend to accumulate clutter over time. Maybe you have a drawer in your closet, kitchen, or office that continually collects things from forgotten papers to odd socks. And for some reason, the less time you have, the more this stuff seems to pile up.

One great solution to cleaning up these clutter-magnets is the “10 minute attack plan”. You may not have the time to clean your entire home from top to bottom, but you can probably swing 10 minutes. Just start by picking the area in most desperate need, and show up with two bags or bins. One bin is for trash and one is for items that belong somewhere else in your house, but have somehow made it to the “catch-all” drawer.

Take the “catch-all” drawer in your kitchen, for instance. You toss the take out menus and advertisements you aren’t interested in. You take bank statements and other important things to file and put them in the “elsewhere” bin. Paperclips, glue and other office related items go back to the office as well. By the time you’re through, you have successfully de-cluttered a part of your home, and probably found some lost stuff in the process. Best of all, it took you under 10 minutes! How easy was that?

These little occasional cleaning projects can really help keep your home feeling fresh and clutter free. They are quick to do, yet have a profound effect on both the state of your home, and your peace of mind. Don’t let your home become a monstrous collection of clutter that will take days (if not weeks) to recover from. Just focus on one area at a time, and you’ll find that it’s really not too hard to maintain a clean house, while also retaining your sanity.

Happy cleaning!

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