Below are some cleaning tips to make the most of your time if you only have 5 minutes to clean your home.

1) Make your bed

Making your bed is a simple habit that can start your whole day off on the right foot. It allows you a small accomplishment early in the day, making harder tasks in the day more do-able.




2) Put dishes in the dishwasher

Coming home to a sink full of dishes will only give you more stress after a long day at work. Simply rinse off the dishes, phentermine place them in the dishwasher, maybe even start it if it’s already full to enjoy coming home to some clean plates and cups.




3) Wipe down the kitchen counters

Take a paper towel, get it damp, and simply wipe the existing crumbs off the counter. This makes cooking when you get home much more enjoyable and less mess to clean up after dinner!




4) Throw dirty clothes in the laundry hamper

No one likes to navigate through a room of dirty clothes on the floor. This task can take 2 minutes – simply pick up dirty items and throw them in the hamper or fold / hang up clean items to put them away.




5) Wipe down the bathroom mirrors

Put a little Windex on it! Wipe down bathroom mirrors so you can see your reflection clearly. You don’t want to be seeing dirt when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning.







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