Professional Deep Cleaning Services for Your Home

San Diego, CA

Residential Deep Cleaning

Who has the time for a deep clean? Even if you keep up with weekly housekeeping tasks, it’s hard to find time for a deep clean every season. Hire Golden Shine to give your home a periodic deep clean that will make your home sparkle. Watch as your windows, fridge, walls, showers, and appliances get back to super clean.

A deep cleaning can include the following and more:

Oven cleaning
Complete fridge clean-out
Wash windows and window sills
Light mold/mildew removal
Clean tables and chairs
Dust blinds and shutters
Wipe down all baseboards
Clean light fixtures and lamps

Getting a deep clean by professional housekeepers makes your weekly maintenance cleaning so much easier. If it’s been awhile since your last deep clean, it may be time to have one of our deep cleaning professionals come by to work their magic.