Professional Green Cleaning Services

San Diego, CA

Organic Home And Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you interested in green housecleaning? Golden Shine’s green cleaning is better for you and your family, better for pets, and better for the environment.

Green Cleaning Products
All our green cleaning services include the use of green cleaning products, which are not petroleum based. Many common cleaning products are petroleum based. These have a negative environmental impact and can also be harmful to you and your family. Children, the elderly, and pets are especially vulnerable to the risks posed by petroleum-based cleaning products. You’ll love the way our green cleaning products won’t leave your nose itching or your eyes watering.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

No petroleum based cleaners
Recommended for the elderly, people with chemical sensitivity, and people with allergies and asthma
Safest for children and pets

If green cleaning is your cup of tea, give us a call at 858-705-4115. Please specify that you want green cleaning services. We’d love to clean your home in a safe and natural way.