Home Pre-Cleaning Checklist

We want you to get the biggest bang for your cleaning buck, so we’ve put together a quick Pre-Cleaning Checklist to help you determine exactly what you want from us and allow us to maximize our efforts for you. By following this list, you will ensure that we are able to give you the cleaning services you need and desire.

De-Clutter and/or Straighten Up
When everything has a place and everything is in its place, your home will feel open, fresh, and organized. For cleaning professionals, a de-cluttered or straightened-up home means he or she can get down to the real cleaning work instead of trying to maneuver under or around stacks and piles of children’s toys, dishes, clothing, books, mail, or other misplaced items (or accidentally putting something away in the wrong spot). Even if you don’t have time to completely tidy up before one of our visits, it’s fine to swipe clutter into a laundry basket, bag, or box and get it out of the way until you have time to go through it later.

Fix or Identify Anything that is Broken
Do a quick run-through of your home and check for anything that is broken, such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, faucets, lights, doorknobs, windows, furniture, appliances, etc. Fix the items or make a note of it so that both you and your housecleaner are aware.

Store Valuables and Sensitive Documents
Each of our independent cleaning professionals is subjected to a rigorous background check, but storing valuables such as jewelry or sensitive documents in a secure place will give you extra peace of mind.

Create a Cleaning Priority List
Because you are paying us by the hour, we want you to be perfectly satisfied with what we’ve done during that time. Take a few moments and create a priority list of rooms, areas, or items you especially want us to focus on. It is also important that we know where you don’t want us to spend too much time. Your priority list may change with each of our visits or could be ongoing if we visit your home regularly.

Put away the Pets
Some pets get downright territorial or hostile when strangers are in the house. If you will not be home when we visit and you know your pet might get aggressive or violent, please find a room or crate in which they can stay during our visit.

Provide Entry to Your Home
If you will be out when we visit, make sure we have a copy of a house key, entry code for alarm systems, or other means of entering your home in your absence. Remember that your privacy and security are extremely important to us.